Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Memo of Good-bye to a Former Self

To everyone I hold as part of my heart,

Not too long from now, I'll be going away... from everything I know. I'm one of those whose paths are written in the twilight. God gave me one star to follow, my guide and my light. So, what did I do with my destiny?

I chose to put it aside. I covered it, I didn't care if I lost sight of it or not. Then... I broke apart from all the good I ever knew. I turned down myself, everyone, and the Supreme Being. My mouth went ahead of my head and heart. And I forgot that people need people to be with. I couldn't laugh, I couldn't smile... not for real, at the least. Still, I went rotten. As bad as they come. As the poets say, "I fell down into the shadows... and I couldn't find the light."

So now, I know I'm leaving for good. I hope that whoever takes my place will be better than I ever was. I promise, I'm sending someone to take care of you guys. That someone?

The new me...
Won't know same in the right light of way...
Won't know how, how to tell you the things that shatter you from withing...
Won't ever forget you, about the time we spent, the nothings we did and cherish...

Who ever's coming walks in my footsteps, just know that, who ever that is will follow the star we share together.

If you ever forget, if you ever fall on my trodden path, just remember:
No matter how darkness' power deepens, there will always be a light.

Just follow it. You'll see.

-Amaranth Kuraudo

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